Calapan River WQMA conducts 2nd quarter governing board meeting
The Calapan River Water Quality Management Area (CRWQMA) Governing Board conducted its second quarter meeting virtually earlier today.
Among the topics of discussion during the meeting include the Guidelines on the Wastewater Hauling and Transport, Updates on the Vertical Helophyte Filtration System constructed at the Bayanan Piggery Farm, Waste to Energy and Biochar Project, and the Water Quality Status of Calapan River.
Engineer Gerardo Mogol, Supervising Health Program Officer of the Department of Health Central Office, presented the Guidelines on the Wastewater Hauling and Transport. He emphasized the need for an Environmental Sanitation Clearance to be secured from the Local Health Office.
Similarly, he added the need for an Environmental Compliance Certificate and valid Wastewater Discharge Permit from the Environmental Management Bureau prior to operating a facility that caters the hauling and transport of wastewater. He added the need for a Manifest System to transport domestic sludge and septage in order to ensure that no wastes shall be transported and hauled undocumented that could possibly pollute the waterways.
Department of Science and Technology For. Rachel Montero gave an update on the currently constructed wastewater treatment facility at the Bayanan Piggery Farm. She reported that the VHFS or the Vertical Helophyte Filtration System is expected work by the end of this year despite the slight delay due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. She added that the system has a capacity of 14 cubic meter per day with the dimensions of 12.6m x 22.6m. More updates, said Montero, will be provided to the Board soon as the project resumes.
Meanwhile, City ENRO Wilfredo Landicho shared to the Board their proposed Waste-to-Energy and Biochar Project in Calapan City. The project, according to him, will make use of all the wastes generated by the City. However, he mentioned that the volume of wastes might not be enough to run the project. Despite this, the City ENRO assured that they have thoroughly studied the matter and that they will share its progress to the Governing Board.
The virtual meeting ended after the EMB presented the water quality status of Calapan River.
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