The Department of Environment and Natural Resources Office-Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB) MIMAROPA, through its provincial counterpart, simultaneously shut down two open dumpsites located in the Municipalities of Bansud and Socorro in Oriental Mindoro on January 26.

In line with the Mission Order No. 2021-007, EMB MIMAROPA Region has issued a cease-and-desist order (CDO) with DENR Case Nos. SWM-001-21 and SWM-002-21 to the Municipalities of Bansud and Socorro, respectively, due to their continued operation of open dumpsites.

Posting of signage were held in these municipalities through the implementing team led by PENR Officer Mary June Maypa and PEMU-Oriental Mindoro Chief Ederlita Labre.

Section 37 of the Republic Act 9003, otherwise known as the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 specifies that “no open dumps shall be established and operated, nor any practice of disposal of solid waste by any person, including Local Government Units (LGUs), which constitutes the use of open dumps for disposal of solid wastes.”

Prior to the closure of the dumpsite, the implementing team had a meeting with the Municipality of Bansud, in the presence of the Engr. Sonny M. Manato, MENRO; and the Municipality of Socorro, in the presence of the Vice Mayor Hon. Roy A. De Claro.

The Bureau issued a notice directing the closure of the dumpsite in Bansud on 2019. On September 2020, inspection activity shows that the open dumpsite is still operational. Another letter was sent in October 2020, reiterating the EMB MIMAROPA’s call for the dumpsite’s closure.

Meanwhile, on March 2020, a notice was given to the Local Government Unit of Socorro instructing it to stop operating its open dumpsite. On September 2020, a monitoring activity was conducted by the EMB where it was revealed that the open dumpsite remains operational, and the planned Zero Waste Facility is still not being used. A validation activity was again conducted on December 2020 and similar findings were found.

EMB MIMAROPA aims to close all open dumpsites in the region this year.