What is Adopt-an-Estero/Water Body Program

Adopt-an-Estero/Water Body Program is a collaborative undertaking between and among the Estero Community, Donor-Partner, Local Government Unit/s, other government agencies and the DENR.

Response to the continuing mandamus by the Supreme Court for agencies led by the DENR to clean up Manila Bay, particularly through the esteros and waterways that empty into it.

Objectives of the Program

Clean the esteros of wastes, debris and silt starting 2010 until all have been cleaned up.
Mobilize estero communities in cleaning the estero and enlist their active participation in the actual clean up, and in implementing and preparing plans to sustain a clean estero in the future years.

List of Adopted Water Bodies

1. Mangarin Bay – San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
2. Panacan River – Narra, Palawan
3. Balitien River – Narra, Palawan
4. Pinagduguan Falls/River – Narra, Palawan
5. Sabang Bay – Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro
6. Rio Tuba River – Bataraza, Palawan
7. Coral Bay – Bataraza, Palawan
8. Tagburos River – Puerto Princesa City, Palawan
9. City Estero – Peurto Princesa City, Palawan
10. Calapan River – Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
11. Pandurucan River – San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
12. Tubaong River – San Jose, Occidental Mindoro
13. Coron Bay – Coron, Palawan
14. Pulot River – Sofronio Espanola, Palawan

Newly Adopted Water Body (as of June 2016)

1. El Nido Estero – El Nido, Palawan
2. Balanacan River – Mogpog, Marinduque