CITIZEN’S CHARTER PROCESSES (Updated as of June 2021)


1. Certificate of Non-Coverage (Category D) – Online Application

2. Application for Certificate of Non-Coverage (CNC) for Category C Projects

3. Application for Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for Non-Environmentally Critical Projects (Non-ECPs)

4. Application for Discharge Permit (New)– Online application

5. Application for Discharge Permit (Renewal)– Online application

6. Application for Pollution Control Officer Accreditation (PCO)– Manual application

7. Application for Permit to Operate (New) – Online Application

8. Application for Permit to Operate (Renewal) – Online Application

9. Hazardous Waste Generator Registration – Online Application

10. Application for Small Quantity Importation (SQI) – Online Application

11. Application for Philippine Inventory of Chemicals and Chemical Substances (PICCS)

12. Application for Chemical Control Order (CCO)-Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) – Online Application

13. Permit to Transport (PTT) – Online Application

14. Special Permit to Transport (SPTT) – Online Application

15. Submission of Self- Monitoring Reports (SMR) – Online Submission

16. Request for Site Assessment of Proposed Location for the Establishment of Sanitary Landfill (SLF)

17. Evaluation of Ten (10)- Year Solid Waste Management Plan

18. Evaluation and Review of Safe Closure and Rehabilitation Plan for the Closure of Open Controlled Dumpsites

19. Request for Manifest Form

20. Freedom of Information Request under DENR Administrative Order No. 2016-29 (General Circulation)

21. Document Authentication

22. Sale of Bidding Documents

23. Requests from LGUs, Institutions, Clients and other stakeholders

24. Environmental Complaints

25. Resolving technical issues encountered by Applicants using various EMB Online Systems

26. Ambient Air and Water Monitoring


1. Monitoring and Enforcement (Field Office)

2. Monitoring and Enforcement (Regional Office)

3. Hiring of Personnel (Plantilla)

4. Approval of Obligation and Status (ObRS)

5. Application for Leave

6. Procurement

7. Issuance of Service Record

8. Issuance of Certificate of Employment

9. Request for Laboratory Analysis

10. Request for Sample Container for Laboratory Samples

11. Request for ICT Services (EMB SYSTEMS)

12. Quarterly validation of Accomplishment

13. Production of Information, Education, and Communication Materials

14. Provision of Speeches Messages

15. Photo Video Documentation of EMB Events

16. Issuance of ID to newly hired EMB MIMAROPA Employees

17. Re-issuance of ID to EMB MIMAROPA Employees

VIII. Feedback and Complaints

Feedback and Complaints

IX. List of Offices

List of Offices